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Book a Week 2020 - BW42: October by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Robin M

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14 hours ago, Spudater said:

I finished The Scent of Water by Elizabeth Goudge. So the book kicks off with a woman inheriting a house in the country. At first she thinks she won't take it but then remembers visiting once as a child and her eccentric cousin showing her a glass case full of "little things," (enchanting miniatures) and she is somewhat inexplicably moved to throw up her whole life in the city and move there.  There are several characters with different levels of mental illness, some of them dealing with a great deal of explicit faith, others just sort of hanging on with what basic decency is left in them. The thing I find most moving is how she shows them doing things that from the outside seem so little, just the bare minimum of what a decent person would do, but you see how for them it is a heroic struggle, bought at the price of severe suffering, like the vicar's sister who does parish visits despite her crippling social anxiety. It's what makes these little things precious and beautiful, like the miniatures. 

My funnest read of the week was my 14yo's Odyssey fan fiction, though. 🙂 She did a short story of how Odysseus and Penelope met. She had Odysseus plotting to help his friend to woo Penelope... little did he suspect she would plot to make his friend fall in love with another girl so she could have him for herself!


I just borrowed The scent of water

wish  I could read your 14yo’s fan fiction— that sounds like fun!


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now reading and seeking others to do the challenge with! 

@Halcyon?   I sort of miss following along with you as our kids were at similar ages and homeschooling! Maybe we could have a long distance same book to read and do.  I also went in on the 20 miles 20 days challenge.  

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