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Are there any particular math curriculums that tend to gel with 2e kids?

I have a feeling my 4yo (birthday was last week) might be heading in the same direction as my 11yo and a few other family members. He isn’t as overtly gifted as his older brother thanks to his speech delay, plus he is also on the spectrum, but I’m fairly sure he’d be classed as gifted if we were to go down the testing path.

We’ve known that he’s a numbers person for a while now, but I didn’t realise how much he knew until I started quizzing him over the last few days after he started telling us random facts. He can count and recognise numbers into the thousands and can also do basic addition and subtraction without thinking - he just blerts the answer out. It’s all self taught.

I realise he isn’t that far above other children his age, however I think he’d enjoy doing some further work with numbers. I’d prefer to start with something relatively structured to give him a good grounding, otherwise we’re likely to end up jumping around all over the place and ending up with gaps. 

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