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The MIA Teachers Lounge 10-14-2020

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Hello, all! Pardon the dust in here - I ...er, ...forgot...that I had opened the Lounge again. Oops!

Come on in and Welcome to the Lounge! A place for teachers/parents ONLY, no students! Grab a snack &/or a drink,
relax and chat or take a nap. Whatever you need. This is a place for you to unwind, de-stress, and just BE. 

Everyone start school already? Here: Yes, we did. Soft start in August, with planned weekly augmentation in September.
I think we're still on our soft start, though. So unmotivated. Both of us. LOL

Anyone else finding it hard to "get in the groove" of schooling? Here: ME! I finally told myself today that we WILL start our
language studies (English composition and Greek) next week. 

Who's switching things up this year? Here: I was going to have ds16 do Apologia Biology, since he wasn't thrilled about Devotional Biology.
But he's having a rough time connecting to a biology TEXT. So I'm going back to the AmblesideOnline booklist and getting him the relevant 
literature. He learned MORE reading living science books last year - and there was less push needed from me for him to read them.

Talk to me! 

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We took a fall break last week (mostly so I could clean and do errands), so we're getting back into it, with an added appointment on Mondays. I don't love the way I made the weekly schedule, so I may revise before next week. I had thought changing up the order of our subjects would be a good thing. Not really.

No curriculum changes, but it's hard to keep up a good reading schedule--the library is closed so DS can't browse, and I don't try to read aloud unnecessarily because it makes me cough. I think he's about run through the free Audible stories for his age. Don't tell, but kiddo's birthday present will be (as it has been some years in the past) our Book of the Month Club, in which I buy a dozen books in advance and give him the first one on his birthday and another one each month on the same day.

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It’s been a wild start to the year for us. We had just started and were finding our groove when we had to evacuate due to wildfire smoke. We are back but so many “life” things keep taking up bits of school time. I’ve been at this a while, so I know it will all sort out but I keep hoping we’ll find a happy rhythm again.

Older dd has been finishing school by 2 pm most days, so she has been baking in the afternoons. She made a pumpkin roll yesterday, and it is delicious! I am hoping she’ll take on the job of family bread baker...I’d love to have hot bread & soup for dinner most nights and move our main meal to lunch!


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Hi, Scrap! 

We started in early August. This is ds' senior year, so it's my last year homeschooling. Things are fairly different this year mainly because I'm doing more of my own thing while ds is doing his. Ds is doing a dual enrollment class and will take two classes next semester. He is doing some history online, so he's doing very little with me. I am teaching 4 high school math classes (12 students) online through Zoom, and I'm tutoring two other students. I volunteer to teach at our co-op as well. 

Thanks for opening it up today! 

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