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Tech issue with Amazon. Help??

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Can anyone help me? I am desperate. I need to order something from Amazon today but I am having issues with the site. I browsed just fine yesterday.

When I go to the main page in either incognito or 'regular', I am asked to fill out a captcha to get the main page to load. Then, when I click on a product, the reviews aren't there. I can see the stars and number of reviews, but they don't & won't load.

I have reloaded the page, cleared all cookies & cache, restarted Firefox, and restarted my computer (mac).

This happens in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. All browsers are up to date. My computer is also up to date.

Dh's computer (also a mac) is not affected and Amazon loads normally for him.  I don't have access to his computer today, so using his isn't an option.

I have had no updates or downloads since my viewing yesterday.

I disabled my adblock and that didn't fix it.

I allowed pop-ups and that didn't fix it.

The only other extension I have is Avast anti-virus.

Googling has failed me.

Why is this happening all of a sudden? Nothing has changed between yesterday and today. The only thing I have done different is have several Amazon tabs open in two windows (one with a few products and one streaming videos). I've never done that before.




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to add info that I can't use Dh's computer
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8 minutes ago, Arctic Bunny said:

That is very odd! My only suggestion is to use your DH’s computer for what you need to order today!

You would think, right? I don't have access to his today (he checked his Amazon page before leaving for the day). Argh!

I just edited my post to reflect that.

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59 minutes ago, sgo95 said:

I just found this youtube video 

Maybe it will help

That was interesting! Thanks for sharing.

It's not quite what my issue is (well, was--- see below) but I've bookmarked it for future reference because it seems like it could come in handy at some point.

16 minutes ago, gardenmom5 said:

do you have a virus on your computer?  I've never even heard of that - and I order A LOT of stuff from amazon.

Nope. I also order a LOT of stuff from Amazon. LOL.


I want to thank all of you ladies for trying to help me out. I think I figured it out, and will share what I think happened and what I did to get back in Amazon's good graces.

I mentioned that I had two Amazon windows open, one with several tabs of things that I wanted to look at later, and one where I was streaming video.

Based on what I read online, I think those windows open caused Amazon to suspect suspect I was a bot repeatedly pinging their site in a DDOS attack.  (I understand that to be a Denial of Service that brings down/crashes a website and captchas are one line of defense against that)

Since people online mentioned DNS servers, and since I only know enough about this stuff to know that DNS has something to do with modems/routers and IP addresses, I simply unplugged the modem & router, counted to 10, and replugged. Voila, problem solved!

So, while I can now look at their site without having to enter the captcha, it still doesn't explain why this issue made the reviews unavailable to me. 🤷‍♀️   All I know is that everything is now back to normal.

I hope my story helps anyone else who has this happen to them on Amazon or any other site.

Now I'm off to reenter all my passwords and go through all the 2FA for all the sites I cleared cookies from. Ugh.

Thanks again, ladies!!


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