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I am still not satisfied with history. We have mostly done Simply Charlotte Mason history (spine book + novels read and narrate with 3 optional term projects). My one (9) likes it. My other (7) not as much. She likes the stories, but she doesn't like to narrate. 

I finally split them up for science this year and both are thriving. Older is doing God's design for heaven and Earth, while younger is doing Lets talk science 2 from Master Books. Older loves to the point text, expiraments and then orally answer questions. Younger loves the notebook pages and little experiments. And they both love the time with mama;) Younger is also loving song school spanish this year. (Older is doing this too and doesn't like it much, but he doesn't want to learn spanish or any other language so he's doing this for some easy exposure.)
Would you split them up for history too? Would I have time? (We have a 4 yr old and 18 mo old too)? I'm kind of wondering if they really like a textbook better? I looked at masterbooks Americas story, but the text didn't read as smoothly as I likes and son would have really disliked the notebook. Could you give me some ideas and thoughts?
Notgrass, mystery of history, make my own....i never get notebooking pgs or projects planned....keep on with SCM....any brilliant thoughts. I love history, but for some reason, I have never found a grove with history in our homeschool.
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If she wasn’t required to give a narration at the end, would your 7yo enjoy what you’re doing now?  If so, I’d be tempted to stick with what’s working and drop the narrations.  If you’re wanting to work on her narration skills, you could always run her through something like WWE, which might give her that practice without killing the joy of history for her🙂 

Alternatively, maybe she’d like to narrate another way?  By drawing a picture of something from the lesson and explaining it to you, perhaps?

Just a couple of thoughts!

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9 and 7 are perfect ages for Story of the World. I read, they color the pictures, and every week they tell me something they thought was interesting. We don't do the activities or the mapwork, but I do like the coloring pages and I think they help them sit still for longer and pay better attention.

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