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Taking ds to ER- Update levels normal at hospital

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Oxygen levels are dropping 😞

Would think it was the O2 meter except mine and dh's is 98-99% while his dropped to 86 this evening.

With COVID I'm very concerned.

He has said he is fine but has been sleeping more and more and is entirely oblivious. When his temp was at 103 he said he was entirely normal although he looked like death. He says his sense of smell is fine but that nothing we eat has a smell (I made shwarma last night and you could smell it through the whole house). He has a very high pain tolerance, not a good kid to be sick.

I'm home with the girls since we can't have 2 there anyway and I don't like leaving them overnight.


Update: When he got there he showed entirely normal-100% on their big machine several times. She said with him being cold it was not reading accurately. His room is in the basement and this time of year fairly cool. He is in the room downstairs except for going outside as he has to be in isolation. I'm going to tell the boy he needs to use more covers.

This has been stress! Knowing with COVID they can have low levels and act normally and levels can drop quickly. Praying that he continues to recover without incident.

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How stressful.   I am so glad he is feeling better.   I hope he recovers soon.  

That is something I had heard about the pulse oximeter if you are having trouble with the reading it could be because your hands are cold.  Maybe that is true.

I am glad you took him in.  Because having a doctor give you the information lets you rest and not worry.   Even if you would have gotten a good reading.

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Great update!

The other day, I was perfectly healthy but finally had my pulse-ox returned by dd, so of course I had to put my finger in it.  Thought she somehow broke it, because it basically claimed I was a goner. I had just taken the dog out in the cold. It was fine once I warmed up.

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