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tell me all about C Pen reader please

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Hi Guys,

 I am hoping someone has tried a  C pen Reader and can tell me if it helped, was it easy to use , was it useful


Twin 2 has a extreme  visual processing problem.  so bad that he can only remember half his alphabet, and that is with extensive speech pathology assistance. for the last 4 years.  He also has Nystagmus, and wears corrective glasses for long sightedness and sees a developmental Optometrist

 He can read, IF I hold paper over and under the line he is reading, if I point to the words as he is reading, giving sound prompts and gently bump him and remind him to look at the text after every few words. so not really reading

He has been assessed and his Phonological awareness is excellent.

 The speech pathologist thinks it is unlikely he will ever be able to read at a level that is functional , and while both she and I will continue to teach him intensively to read, she feels that because he is just about 10 he needs to be able to access text and she will instruct him on how to use a C pen reader



the Developmental Optometrist has told me that he will never be able to drive as his Nystagmus causes him to lose focus every few seconds

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In the US, if his nystagmus is as bad as you describe, the student would qualify as visually impaired which opens up a opens up additional services and supports. 
I am not familiar with the pen, but after looking at it, I would thank that it might be too difficult for many visually impaired students to use because he or she would need to still be able to efficiently track across a line of print to scan it.

For a visually impaired child I would suggest https://store.humanware.com/hus/connect-12-electronic-magnifier-new-generation.html which does have OCR(capability) or the Matt Connect which is the same device but different software specifically designed Students. For something even more portable https://www.magnifyingaids.com/Mercury_6_Magnifier-Speech?zenid=301811ba80d6eefe4e71ce8133d386a0. This Mercury 6 magnifier could be a god option. These are US links but I assume that similar products would be available in Australia 


Voice Dream iPhone apps could also work. 

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