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FAFSA and Homeschoolers HELP!


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While I am on hold with FAFSA, I google how to input high school name on FAFSA.  I found someone posting on some FAFSA website.  It's a old post said to just press next....but it didn't work for the poster.  Then there is a last post from a parent that said just put down "Open High".  I tried it and it worked!  Except at the same time FAFSA got on.  They said to put "Homeschooled" and city and state and then press "next".  I actually tried that before calling but I kept getting errors.  Anyway.........for anyone else trying to add homeschool to your FAFSA ....try "Homeschooled" for name of school.  It worked for me.

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For the FAFSA, I just selected Home School in the option of type of Diploma. I never had to select a school at that point.

Edited to Add that "at that point" means that it never asked me to name our school or what state our school was in.

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