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gift ideas....8yr old boy

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My own son.


I know my son and am not necessarily out of ideas for him.  It's just....this time of year, with the size of my family there are so many people to multiply by gift giving opportunities  

He told me he wants a particular Nintendo Switch game which is will be over anyone's price range, except perhaps Santa.  He also mentioned another game, that I think is less expensive.  Also a lego to build an ankylosaurus (his favorite) and some super mario hot wheels.

Basically, the kid loves hot wheels and dinosaurs.  And he has lots of hot wheels and dinosaurs already.  

help me get more nuanced.  He has 4 aunts/uncles that are gifting him, plus an adult sibling, plus us and then everyone is gifting for Christmas plus Santa too.  


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10 minutes ago, vonfirmath said:


Experiences -- is there a camp he's going to want to go to in the summer

Does he need gear for a hobby?




8 minutes ago, Kareni said:

Dinosaur themed:

Game (I imagine one exists)


Jigsaw puzzle


-- Clap your hands

-- has he seen the ET movie?

-- this one includes punctuation advice

-- riding a penny farthing bike



Games- we already have "dino-opoly"   Which we are going to be playing this weekend if I can get all the "property" cards sorted/printed (bought at a yard sale....need to create some cards.

Books-I welcome any dino or hot wheel type of 2nd grade level book ideas.  He likes to read, but I don't know what to introduce.

Puzzles-not a puzzle kid at all.  DD10 is, but DS is not.


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An idea I had for my boys recently (8 and 13) Is MREs (meals ready to eat). They are both into army stuff and survival, and I think they’ll just get a kick out of them. My sister told me around my nephew’s birthday that he (age 12) was fascinated by the idea of backpacking and survival food and would like some.

anyway, a little offbeat, but I like the idea of it not creating clutter, and I know when I was a kid, I’d have thought it was cool.

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If you want dinosaur game ideas, my ds8 loves both Dinosaur Tea Party (kind of like guess who for 3-5 players) and draft-a-saurus. He is not into dinosaurs, but I would say both of those games are in his top five right now.

My ds8 wants all the Mario lego for Christmas. 

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My eight year old loves lego - the Jurassic and ninjago versions best.  Some other fun gifts have been nerf guns, a very budget action camera, aqua dragons, a ninja line.  But really if everyone just gave him lego he’d be perfectly happy.  

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