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What would you name this cow?


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5 minutes ago, fairfarmhand said:

She is a baby. Six months old. We will breed her to calve as a 2 yr old, maybe 2.5 depending on how well she grows.

The first name that popped into my head when I saw the picture was Baby.  However, that name might not fit a few years from now. :)

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3 minutes ago, happysmileylady said:


I was thinking something like cookies and cream.  Like the milkshake.  


I was looking for something like that too - something sweet and dairy related and two colored—hence Sundae as thinking vanilla with chocolate sauce.  

Cookie is also good along those lines.  



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17 hours ago, fairfarmhand said:

I might be getting this cow as a home milker. What would you name her?


(isn’t she gorgeous?)


She really is gorgeous!

My vote is for Georgia.

Here is my line of thinking (my brain connects things in a strange way, so bear with me):

Gorgeous --> Gorge (said in a haughty tone like "isn't she simply gorge?!") --> George --> Georgia since she's a girl.

(I warned y'all, didn't I? LOL)




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