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I'm looking for games my daughter can either play by herself or with me as part of math to practices her multiplication facts. We've done multiplication war, but would like some other options. I want something with mixed fact practice (so not something that focuses on a single times table at a time). I also don't want a computer game or app,


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Board games/card games that involve multiplication:
- Muggins Math -- board game that involves add/subtract/multiply/divide
- Say Cheese
- Super Genius - level 1 or level 2
- Bumper Cars Math Game - multiplication & division
- Flip 4
- Plyt -- various math operations, depending on student level
- Yahtzee (or Triple Yahtzee) -- works with multiplying sets of die numbers (1-6) x 3 or 4 (most frequently), plus adding up of dice totals
- Multiplication Splat -- card game
- Multiplication Bingo -- card game

Activity Book -- workbook/puzzles/activities/games to practice multiplication facts:
- Multiplication and Division Games and Activities 
- Scholastic Success with Multiplication 
- Homeschool Multiplication Games 

Other math fact helps:
Schoolhouse Rock: Multiplication Rock songs
- Times Tables The Fun Way book of silly stories to embed math facts
- Triangle Flashcards to remember fact families (shows connection, and reduces fact memorization to 1/4 of the multiplication & division facts)

In case you change your mind: free computer solo online multiplication games:
ABCya: Clear It
Math Playground (several multiplication games)

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I really like Blockout, and the kids in my classes enjoy it: 


I've generally tried to use games that actually illustrate multiplication, and don't only drill the facts, which is why I really enjoy Blockout. 

Also, have you seen Prime Climb? It's a game by the people who made the Math for Love website I linked, and it's really pretty good. Not, like, the best game ever, but fun enough, and LOTS of math content. 

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Have you seen the Multiplication Facts that Stick unit study here on Well Trained Mind.   It's game based (4 similar games played every week after a short lesson...you can just use the games but the lessons are good too).

There's also some printable multiplication game here:

And Kingdomino is fun but generally only deals with smaller multiplication problems.

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