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Question about Hands and Hearts History Kits


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I'm a kit girl :) The time saved going from store to store with seven children (heck, even without) is worth the cost to me. That said, I love H and H kits! I love that the instructions say, "Now clean up after yourself" and include the paper towels :D


What I like to do is spread the projects our over the course of our history study, sticking them into an appropriate week depending on whatever else we're studying. This year we're in year one of the cycle (ancients), so these are a few ideas:


Week 4 of MOH, Early Egyptians-- H an H doll and stick project

Week 5-- Mummy project, part I

Week 6-- Painting Project

Week 7-- Marketplace

Week 8, King Tut-- Mummy Project, Part II

Week 9, Trojan Horse-- Fresco Project

Week 10, Chou Dynasty-- Chinese Fish Print

Week 13, Homer-- Relief




We do each project on Fridays, which tends to be a lighter, wrap-up day. The projects take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.



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I don't know what time period you are studying, but another great resource are the projects from Corps of ReDiscovery. My son made moccasins for the whole family, and they turned out great. Lots of other fun things, too, all for early colonial period and Native American crafts.





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In the past we have used the kits as supplements, but this year we are using it as a base for dd history studies.


She wanted to study the Far East, so we purchased the Ancient Far East kit. She has started with China so we are adding in reading and writing about China (past and present) to round out the study. When she completes the projects for China she will move on to Japan and so on. She is creating a notebook of her studies.


It is working really well so far. It is a nice way to approach history for her right now.

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Has anyone ever used this with Sonlight? Spcifically 5? The eastern hemisphere at H and H looks great, but I hate to shell out the money if it is not a good match.






Yes, they would work well together. We have SL 5, but are modifying it because dd didn't like the EHE and was dreading history even though she really wanted to learn about these countries.


So, I purchased the H & H Far East kit and we are using that along with the readers & read-a-louds from SL.


If you are looking for some projects to add to SL, this would work very well.

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