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Skipping math problems?

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We are using BJU math for one of my kids. We are on BJU math 5. There are tons of problems each day. If he does half the problems and gets them all correct, is it okay to just move on? Or would should he be doing all the problems each day?

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I just looked at the sample of Math 5, and it looks like it's designed so that skipping problems won't be an issue.  You could also have him do as much as possible orally to speed things up.  Also, instead of simply assigning the odds or evens, I'd preferentially assign the harder problems.

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I assigned odd problems only all of the way through R&S arithmetic from 1st through 8th grade. It isn't the completing of a page that means a lesson is complete, it is the learning of the concept. 

I didn't like the textbooks I had for Algebra 1 (used PS ones,) because I wasn't sure how much was needed for daily work, and I had to spend a lot of time working each lesson to figure out what I thought was absolutely necessary for my odd to complete each lesson, otherwise if she tried to do every problem, the books would have taken years to complete. 

When I switched her to Mr. Ds online I loved it because of how few problems there are each day, and she finally started mastering upper math. My mdd is now doing a course from SHT for Alg. that I like because someone else has gone through the book and selected how many problems for each day to achieve mastery in the text they are using. It helps me so much. 

So yes, break down the amount of problems. They are all there so you can do the lesson over multiple days or have other problems to pull from for practice, board work, or examples. If my kids bombed a quiz, I would have them go back and do the evens we had skipped to redo a few lessons before retaking a quiz to make sure they had it, things like that. 


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