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Dr Hive - Is this consistent with stress fracture?

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I started having pain in my foot 5 weeks ago.  With a weird line of bruising and noticeable swelling on top of foot. Finally went to podiatrist 3 weeks ago and he suspected a stress fracture AND extensor tendinitis.  He did xrays and didn't see a fracture (apparently you don’t see them until they have healed) but did note there was thickening on the bone that indicates pressure. I don’t know what that means. also used a tuning fork over the bone which reallllly hurt.  Pain is both superficial and sharp, and deep and achey- I cannot walk normally on it. Guessing that’s how the tendinitis set in- I was limping for weeks. 

I also have small fiber neuropathy in both feet and experience a lot of swelling and blood pooling due to other issues. I asked him if that would affect- he wasn’t sure.  I know SFN can cause nerve pain - but I’ve had observable swelling and discoloration as well.

I’m in a walking boot. Have been for almost 3 weeks- and wear a splint at night.  Yesterday and today- for the first time my foot felt better.  I can’t drive with it on but had the boot off more today between driving kids places.  Tonight the stupid bruising and pain is back- with swelling.   I know it’s my own fault for not being as diligent but the bruise coming back and the sudden pain is just so hard to understand.

I just cannot figure this out.  If it was a stress fracture wouldn’t it be healing by now?  I’ve had full on foot fractures and one presumed stress fracture 2 years ago from a traumatic injury. They healed in a linear, predictable fashion. 

The weird line of bruising in particular is just so odd- I can’t make sense of it. Is that normal with a stress fracture?  It goes away and comes back?  It’s never there unless I’m having  pain. 

Does this register or sound familiar at all to anyone?  

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I haven't gone through this personally, but a family member has.

The part about a line and tenderness along the top of the foot are the same symptoms my loved one had. Their xray also didn't show a fracture, but was given a walking boot since the doctor was sure it was a stress fracture (caused by tightening shoe laces, of all things). 

I'm sure age comes into play since we take longer to heal as we get older and that area is under lots of strain, but my late-40s-to-early-50s family member was in that darned boot for close to six months! I can't remember which foot it was on, so I don't know if she took it off for driving, but I do know that her job had her on her feet all day for 40 hours a week so I'm sure that didn't help.

She found that when she had to wear a regular shoe, the kind with velcro felt better than laces. I guess it was like having an ACE bandage on there providing support without pressure the way laces put pressure on those top bones when tight. 

A word of warning, though.... wearing the boot for all that time messed up her hips since it changed her gait while she walked. If you aren't on your feet and walking a lot for work, you will probably be fine, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

You might want to Google some other ideas to help the healing process.

I hope your foot heals soon. I have bruised that top bone and it's quite painful. I can't imagine a fracture.

I can't help with the bruising and neuropathy stuff, so maybe my post will serve as a bump for someone else to chime in with more helpful posts.

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