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I changed my username and obfuscated my identity because several years ago, someone IRL recognized my forum posts and started arguments with me. This person would then follow me around online and post

Yes, that one was particularly excellent. Basically, all your Covid posts. They have been so informative. 

10 minutes ago, Not_a_number said:

Yep. Doxxed 😕 . It’s a good thing I’m a relatively measured person usually...

I am so sorry.  What is wrong with people?  I have been threatened with that before on this board.  Weirdly I don’t even remember who threatened it.  But it is kinda freaky. 

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Can someone please add me to the PM list?

While I was also doxxed (Wildcat is not the original "me" here), my situation was more of a sneak spying thing which I found super creepy. From what I can gather, OP's situation sounds worse.

OP, I'm sorry this happened and you had to reinvent yourself.  It was hard for me to do, and I was mostly a 'contributer' and not a 'creator', so I only had to become known again, but the old me wasn't missed by anyone, if any of that makes sense.  The feeling of identity loss was, and still is, real, even after being reincarnated for several years. ((hugs))

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3 hours ago, mms said:

See, i feel like even suggesting someone would do such a thing breaks unspoken board rules. Kind of like What happens in Fight Club stays in Fight Club...

I'm sorry for what happened to the OP. 

People in my real life have always known who I was here though.  (I've met at least 30 boardies over the year and have been introduced in homeschool circles by my board name.)  I just don't post anything here that I wouldn't say in real life. 

That said, no one has tracked me down to my address, real name at home. . . .

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@MercyA or @Seasider too would you pm me? Or someone else who sees this. I didn't see any of it so I can't even begin to guess who this is or what happened, other than someone got doxxed. That makes me angry. This is supposed to be our safe place, even when we strongly disagree with each other.

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