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For fun: what is the oldest appliance in your house?

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Washer & dryer were pre-wedding presents from DH, so '97. Chest freezer is from '00, I think. Mini-fridge is from college '93ish. Refrigerator from '99 - new house.

Sewing machine is from MIL, so 1960s? 50s?

Dishwasher was with this house when we moved in. I'll guess 1994 or '95.

The door switch on the washer has been going bad for years, but it finally failed. DH bypassed it then replaced it for $15. Hoping it lasts another 20+ years.

Had my microwave for 20+ years & replaced it. Went through 2 in 5 years. On #3 now knock-on-wood.

I think we built around the chest freezer so I don't know how we'll get it out if it dies.

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2 hours ago, RootAnn said:

Mini-fridge is from college '93ish. 

I completely forgot I had one of those too since I don't have it plugged in all the time (I actually use it for traveling mostly) but mine is from when my oldest sibling went to college.  I don't know if she bought it new or used but I would it be from somewhere between 86-88 so it definitely beats out my 97 freezer.

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