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Will you get the covid vaccine right away?

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I actually kinda doubt that the schools will add it to their required immunization lists for students, because usually a vax is around for a while before they do that.  And in this case, the disease will probably not be that much of a factor after the vax has been around a while.  I think schools may be more likely to require teachers to get the vax, because teachers are more likely to actually get sick if infected with the virus.  I don't think any of the school-required vaxes are for illnesses that don't generally make kids very sick.  And, they don't require kids to get the flu vax.

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Right away, as in once it's available to the masses? Sure.

I figure those on the front lines will be first, and those with health issues will be next. By the time it filters down to the general population, enough time will have gone by to know what to expect in the way of possible side effects, and every vaccine comes with the potential of side effects.

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7 hours ago, SKL said:


Not sure if it's technically "law" or not, but healthcare workers, teachers, and probably others are routinely required to get vaxes.  Hospitals and schools are among the largest employers by far throughout the USA.  Theoretically people could choose to quit rather than get vaccinated, but when you are an educated, certified professional, walking away from your profession to go flip burgers is not really much of a choice.

That is not correct about teachers, at least so far as it being 'routinely required.' 

Anyone going into healthcare knows about required vax upfront. It would be different for teachers, but I also don't think that's going to happen. 

4 hours ago, happysmileylady said:

 Also, I am not sure that there are many states at all that have vaccine requirements for school employees.  Most have requirements for students in the school system, but I am not aware of any that actually have the same requirement for teachers.

And, I did actually say that medical employees might very well be an exception because of the high level of risk of transmission involved there.  

I'm not sure there are any states that require it for teachers. Everything I read says something like 'most states don't require vax for teachers' but I have to find a named state that does require it, or even a district. If somebody knows of any, please share. 


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