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What's for dinner tonight?

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Last night was the first time I made Pakistani Keema, which I was introduced to in a thread last week. The family liked it, but it took FOREVER for the potatoes to cook. (The recipe had no added liquid, so I added some water but not enough. I didn't get that about the recipe--thoughts anyone?)

Tonight was Limehouse Chicken (boneless thighs) with asparagus and rice. A bit labor intensive, but very flavorful.


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We made (non-authentic) banh mi sandwiches last night. We had grilled a London Broil (top round cut?)  a couple nights ago, and needed to start using the leftovers. Sliced the meat really thin, then let it sit in a mix of fish sauce, salt and pepper for a little while. "Pickled" some carrots, radishes (in place of daikon), and cucumbers in a little rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Mixed up mayo, sriracha and thinly sliced green onions. Sliced a jalapeno, some mint leaves, and some cilantro for garnish.

Cut a baguette into thirds-ish and made our sandwiches.  It was so so good! 

I used this recipe as a guideline only since it calls for ground pork and I was using cooked beef. 

Shortcut banh mi with pickled carrots and daikon from the NYT.

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