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Hello.  I am just starting homeschooling and I love the well trained mind for my 8th grader who is pretty advanced.  But I am struggling to find appropriate science and math resources for my 7th grader who has dyslexia.  I need something that is on grade level (he struggles with reading, but can handle grade level work if it is read to him.)  that has either an audiobook version available or a video lecture available.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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@Aboyd1Hi!  and congratulations on getting homeschooling up & running.  I've just a few minutes this morning, but let me toss a few ideas out to you. 

First: of course Khan Academy has video components to everything. 

  1. Math: two programs I know of with strong video components are:
    1. Math U See
    2. Teaching Textbooks
  2. Science:
    1. Schlessinger's Library Video Company has a pricey but very good line of DVD/video science instruction, and for 7th grade you want the ones titled "__________ in Action."  For example, "The Human Body in Action."  I've linked the company's website, just look under the "Science" heading.  When I buy these I try to get them used from Amazon or -- if possible -- on Prime Video.
    2. NOVA, MythBusters, and so on: you can focus on building enthusiasm & a knowledge base with documentaries and so on. 
  3. General: maybe call the folks at Rainbow Resource or use their online help/chat during business hours. Their people know about so many resources, and when I'm troubleshooting I often ring them.  A precious thing to know is that they really are not into selling stuff: I've had Rainbow Resource people send me links to free resources, or discourage me from purchasing something expensive because they didn't think it would be the best use of rmoney given my needs.  They just really want to help people educate successfully. 

Good luck!

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