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Dh and I have a grandson

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Congratulations! Being a grandmother is the best thing ever. Better than I ever imagined. My grandson was born on the 3rd but I won't get to see up until the 15th of September for the same reason - Covid. I'm going into self isolation 2 weeks before and I've already sort of started by limiting my outings. I can't wait to meet the little dude. Give yours tons of hugs from his WTM aunties!

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1 hour ago, fairfarmhand said:

Congratulations! So what will your "Grandma" name be? Have you decided?

I hope to be Mimi. 
This is kind of weird because I have no relationship with my dss23... but my best friend who is in a similar situation said it comes eventually as you stay involved in baby’s life. 
Dh cried. 

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1 hour ago, katilac said:

A baby you can hold and love and then give back, the very best kind! Enjoy. 

Hopefully they will let us see him soon.  So far they say no visitors.  I would think they would let the other 3 grandparents come....baby lives in the same house as 2 grandparents.  

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