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Resolved: Writing + Grammar for 5th grader

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I have been procrastinating doing my curriculum research all summer and now it is coming back to bite me. <sigh>

My (2E, ADHD, dyslexia) 5th grader is finishing up Treasured Conversations (which she loved!) and now I am trying to figure out what we'll do next. She really enjoys creative writing but needs to work on expository writing. Writing Strands sounds like a good choice but it looks like the new edition is combined with reading as well? I looked for threads on the new version but couldn't find anything. Has anyone used the newer version or maybe I should look for used older version? Also considering Writeshop or Wordsmith. 

I also need to decide on grammar. We've done FLL in the past, and it was ok, but I think she'd like something different. 

UPDATE: After looking at the samples for Writing Strands some more, I decided I don't like the switching back and forth between writing and reading each week. Writeshop looked good and we may come back to that, but I didn't want to juggle all the different pieces at the moment. So we're doing Wordsmith Apprentice! I think she will enjoy it. I showed her a few options for grammar and she wanted to do Abeka, because she liked the idea of a workbook (and because there is a cute raccoon on the back cover). Decision made!

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