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Envirnomental Science

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My seventh grader would like to study the enviromnent for science this year.  Shes thinking along the lines of pollution, climate change....

She's not interested in experiments.  We are looking for some good book suggestions and documentarires.  She will keep a science journal.  Thank you.  

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It may be a bit young, but I thought the book Hopping Ahead of Climate Change was very interesting (and I'm making my 8th grader read it this year 😄). It's about scientists studying the effect of climate change on snowshoe hares (specifically in regards to their coat not changing in sync with the snow). Short, but a good look at how scientists on the ground are studying one aspect of climate change.

The Race to Save the Lord God Bird tells the story of an early attempt to save an species from going extinct, and how logging and deforestation affected this particular bird's ability to survive. 


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We're going to do some environmental science next year for 7th/8th. I'll be using FoodSpan lessons, alternating with Holt's Environmental Science textbook. Each are about a semester's worth of work, so together they make a full science course if you're counting that kind of thing. Actually the Environmental Science is probably  meant to be a full course, but it doesn't have that many assignments.

Oak Meadow has a high school environmental science course that could be done by a 7th grader, adapting the assignments as needed. OM courses don't use tests, but have projects to demonstrate learning. 

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