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The It's Only Tuesday & I'm Worn OUT! Teachers' Lounge 8-18-2020

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Good morning and welcome to the Lounge! We have COFFEE here! And tea. And water.

If today and the rest of this week follow yesterday's example, I'm not sure I can do it. Yesterday was emotionally DRAINING
and EXHAUSTING. DS struggles with OCD and even with a soft start to school, either gets angsty about it or has to question me
on the purpose of each assignment. Top that off by my older dd not having a job, despite a year or so of looking, her frustration, and
neither child seeming to understand respect for each other, and I was DONE by 5pm yesterday. I put myself in timeout because I could 
no longer be patient or nice to anyone. 😛 Thus, the name of today's Teachers Lounge.

Oh, we also have chocolate. Come on in and grab a Hersheys if you need it. I know I do!

If you started school this week or last, how's it going? Here: see above.

If you haven't started, when do you plan on starting? Here: I had wanted to start with Bible, math review, and Biology. Realized yesterday that,
due to the fact I am also facilitating and online workshop all week this week (for adults, not students), that I do NOT have the capacity to do Biology
right now and we'll have to wait until after Labor Day for that. I'm not even sure I have the patience or capacity for any of it right now, but review is 

What are you looking forward to this week? Here: um...more coffee? LOL

Talk to me! ❤️ 

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Hi! We're in our last week of our light summer session, so very chill here. Next week is All the Errands, Appointments, and Housework, and then fall term starts the 31st. (We may squeeze in a day trip to the beach that last Friday.) The neighborhood has been nice and quiet yesterday and today as the PS started (online), for which I am thankful.

I haven't printed the fall schedule because I am *still* waiting to hear if track is going to be happening or not. It was canceled in the spring, and then they were trying to reschedule for Aug.-Oct., but waiting on approval.

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