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Scheduling help/ideas please - it’s been a while

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I’m home schooling 2 of my grandchildren. My middle daughter lives on our property, and has 4 children - 9, 7, 5 and 6 months. The 5yo is on the spectrum. I have pretty much taken on the bulk of schooling for the oldest 2, just to allow her to do the things needed for the 5yo and baby. We do school year-round with breaks here and there.

The 9yo JUST turned 9 last week, so kinda works about half year behind right now, basically switching grades in January.

The 7yo is just starting 2nd grade, but with a December birthday,  she has a little more maturity going into her grade.

I’m doing some similar things to what I did with my 4, but also a few different things. I’m just not quite sure what to do about scheduling. What we’re doing:

R&S for math (he’s still doing his 3rd, she’s well into her 2nd)

LLATL for him

Pathway Readers and workbooks for her right now, but I’ll likely switch her to LLATL mid-year

(I have R&S English and am going to use either that or something like Easy Grammar in between LLATL just to focus on straight grammar, but I like LLATL overall)

Apologia Science - we are doing the Astronomy, and planning to wrap it up by January/February and start Botany at that point. My goal is to be starting the 1st zoology by next fall.

Mystery of History

Geography - we just kinda do our own thing with this; geography games, the R&S coloring book for the states, marking the map when we travel, etc. They are super into geography, so I’ve just tried to keep it fun.

Honestly, what I’ve done with all subjects other than math/language is kinda keep him back a year and bump her up a year so they can do most of it together. It works well because she’s more eager than he is anyway, and most of that stuff is covered in a similar way. I expect better writing out of him of course.

How would you schedule this? How many days would you do history/science? They really enjoy both, but we do get wrapped up in it when we do it, so both on the same day is a bit much. I have some ideas, but I’m just interested in what others would do.



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With kids that age, I generally do history M-W-F and science Tu-Thu. That will work well for MOH but I'm not sure of the scheduling in Apologia. If they get really into it, you could just do more at a time on those days. I'd be doing math and LA every day, but you probably already are. Not sure how I would fit in the geography. If it's fun and they love it, you could maybe do a little every day, which might work well if you are doing something different each day. That's probably how I would do it, but everyone's different. 🙂

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Thanks! That’s what I was considering for sure. I do think we’ll spend more time on the science on those days, mainly because they love it, but we definitely need the history more often.

Math and language is every day, and the geography will probably just be a day/two each week, plus they have some geography games they play on their iPads.

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