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Portable Generator Question


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Like a carport? I would think that would be ok. I wouldn’t use one in an attached garage even with the door open, though. Too much opportunity for carbon monoxide to leak into your home.  If the garage is unattached and has lots of ventilation, maybe.

Around here I hear about sheds blowing up during storms because people try to shelter their generator in them. 

We are searching for a way to weather proof our generator too. I’ll be following.

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Is the garage attached to the house or freestanding?

If attached to the house, I would not. It is possible that nothing would happen, but then again, these things happen, too:


Mattern kept his garage door open with a fan blowing the generator's exhaust out the door, along with the windows and roof air vents open. 

He and seven others went to bed that night thinking the house was well ventilated. 

"I get up every morning about the same time to go to the restroom. So, if it wasn't for that I don't know what would have happened," Mattern said.

The carbon monoxide may have been what made him stumble outside.He said he thinks he blacked out for a moment and fell on his back porch."

Please be ever so careful with generator! Some companies sell rain covers fitting their specific makes and models like this.


I say this as someone who has just been without power for 6 days in extreme heat and humidity. It was plain awful, but we only ran the generator away from the house, about 50 feet away in our back yard. It is not worth it.


Our most cherished things this outage were battery powered mini fans like this and this. That was thanks to @Ktgrok . I bought a bunch after reading her advice after one of the recent hurricanes.

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In my town, all generators must be inspected upon installation and receive certification of safety upon placement of generators, ventilation, enclosures, etc.   Therefore, each and every time you move the generator a new inspection is required.  Without the certification, your household insurance will not cover any generator-related accidents and one's liability would be through the roof. 



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5 hours ago, Syllieann said:

What did you end up doing?  My MIL in Cedar Rapids has it at the edge of garage with open door (detached) and we are trying to buy two more generators in Wisconsin.  It looks like some allow and some disallow it.  I can't tell if it is based of engine size or what.

We ended up going out there when the rain really started coming down at 12:30am and turned it off, moved it into the garage. We started it up again at 2:30ish after we were sure the rain had stopped and more wasn't coming. Luckily, the rain cooled us off enough to be in the house.

I'm glad there isn't any rain tonight. I didn't sleep well last night waiting for the rain. Almost 6 days without power. I am thankful for the generator to give us fans and a light. And, phone charging. We were driving around to cool off and charge phones. I see people on evening walks doing the same thing or just sitting in their cars charging phones 🙂 We are all so spoiled.


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