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The Hot Mess Teachers Lounge 8-14-2020

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Good morning, everyone! And welcome to the Teachers Lounge!

I need to shop for snacks today. Any requests? 😉

In our household this week, we managed to get 3 days worth of assignments done for our soft start. Then yesterday, we were all crabby, two of us were having bowel issues, and the same two of us were having uncooperative-brain days. UGH. Hoping it will be better today. 

How has your week gone? Here: see above. Today, ds has his first day of theater class, after a school year's hiatus. He's glad to be going back - and I'll be glad for a couple of hours of a quieter house. Everything about my sprouting young man is BIG, even his voice.

Plans for the weekend? Here: I MAY do some prickly pear harvesting with friends tomorrow morning; I also have a parents meeting (via Zoom) for ds's theater class and I need to finish preparing for a 5 day online workshop I'm facilitating next week.

Anyone else having a tough time with summer right now? Here: because we live in the low desert, heat can get INTENSE and I'm pretty sure I suffer from reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder each year because of it. High heat makes me irritable and the a/c literally hurts my skin some days. MAYBE, instead of the prickly pear tomorrow, I'll escape to higher elevations for the day. That may be just the ticket, actually!

Talk to me! 🤠

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Good morning! I'm sorry you are having such a hard time with the heat, Scrap! 

This week has gone well! I started teaching math classes live on Zoom. I've got 12 students doing Prealgebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. I would prefer to have them all right here with me, but some live far enough that if I didn't offer it online, they wouldn't do a class with me. Ds did 4 hours of driving with an instructor for a class he has been taking, including interstate driving, so I'm glad that is over. He has 2 more to go and some night driving before we let him get his license. 

This weekend we don't really have plans except our church goes back to regular services this Sunday. That means SS in person and only one service in the sanctuary. I think attendance will still be down and distancing in the sanctuary won't be a problem because it's rather large (maybe 1200-1400 seating?). I do need to get together quizzes for my online students for next week and figure out delivery method and how I want them to return it to me. I really want to see their work, so I don't want to take the easy way out with multiple choice quizzes. 

We're in middle GA, so summers can be intense here, especially the humidity. Our current temperatures are actually milder than normal. Highs are only in the 80s and lows in the 60s. It was the same way in June, which was also unusual.  

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Our weather is finally cooling off a little bit, and the humidity is lower. It's also getting cooler at night.  The one thing I love about arid climates is the low humidity! 

School hasn't started yet, but I am busy preparing to take a grad course in advanced statistics, so I'm doing a lot of review with Khan Academy. Yesterday I thought my brain would explode. 😉  I seem to be able to understand the concepts initially, but then working through the examples and tests I question myself. I am VERY happy that I'm reviewing things, though, as it's been a looooong time since I even considered the actual meaning a confidence interval or z and t scores. 😄

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We start formal school on Monday.  During the summer we have done PE, health, and math.  

Monday we will start most of our core school with the exception of comp and Spanish which are outsourced and start the following week.

This is my oldest's 9th grade year, and although he did take a few high school classes last year, I am still feeling a little tentative.  I have two homegrown classes this year, plus a lab that is basically piecemail. Prayers appreciated!!

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