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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

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Good morning! I woke at 4:30 and haven't been able to go back to sleep. I hate that. 

Kids up and going.  

Ds to Eagle project workday.  

Desk work - lots of it.

Dd to a bbq tonight, if the weather cooperates. Looks like rain. 



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Build-A-Bear as soon as they open. It's our annual end of year tradition and we didn't do it because of Covid. The kids picked out their bears and I ordered them for delivery to our house along with any accessories they wanted. So now we will only be in the store long enough to stuff the bear and make a birthday certificate.

Double-layer chocolate cake free of gluten, wheat, dairy and eggs for my DD10's birthday tomorrow. I've only made cupcakes. Haven't tried a layer cake yet. 

IRS monthly payment for payroll taxes. This is the easiest task in the world yet I leave it to the last minute every month.

ETA: Figure out how to celebrate my DD's birthday tomorrow. Probably a picnic and hike. Everything she wants to do is not do-able.

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Hi all,

Coffee, more meds, breakfast (done)

Instacart order (done and delivered)

call Eyeglass place and make appointment to get my current glasses lens back in (done and glasses fixed)

meet with new potential house cleaner and get her to clean the house if she is affordable (started cleaning a little while ago)

who knows?

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Good morning! 

I slept in some today, and I've had coffee.

  • meals
  • school with ds
  • meal planning and grocery list
  • grocery shopping
  • ds to dentist
  • prep for math classes next week
  • prep for co-op classes next week
  • talk the guys into playing a board game or two
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Morning all!

  • walk/run (4 miles)
  • breakfast clean up and general all purpose pick up downstairs
  • organize some pantry shelves to deal with some new groceries (23 lbs of brown rice, 12 lbs of split peas, 10 lbs of white rice...)
  • laundry
  • finish science schedule for dd
  • work on another child's school schedule (Sept 8 is coming fast! Too fast!)
  • call school office for ds's classes which we hope are still on (senior does 1/2 days at a technical high school)
  • work on trying to register dc for fall sports
  • not sure about supper-- rice would be the obvious choice 🙂
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*walk with dog
*decide whether or not to escape to a higher elevation for the day tomorrow
*get some schooling done with DS before taking him to theater class this afternoon
*do some actual meal planning for the weekend and next week
*petition God, once again, to let me move (permanently, this time) out of AZ
*finish content and workbook (by Sunday) for workshop I'm conducting next week (starting Monday)
*trying not to melt in the desert heat

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Good morning!


  • fed horses, dogs, cats
  • fly sprayed horses, medicated Snorri & treated his abscess
  • cleaned litter boxes
  • swept dh's office
  • started laundry

To do:

  • finish morning usuals by noon
  • my new vehicle might be getting delivered today - waiting to hear if it is ready
  • hoof treatments - Snorri 2x more and 1x for the horses with thrush
  • clean automatic waterer
  • both produce boxes are arriving today, so wash 40# of fruits & veggies
  • make spicy peanut salad dressing
  • dust & vacuum
  • dinner: leftovers
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Good morning, and happy Friday!

So far, I have already:
...got up early
...watched TV with DH
...had coffee
....went to the grocery to grab something for lunch, and Target to check for cleaners/get the correct folders b/c I accidentally grabbed the wrong ones last time
...home, answered some emails
...remembered to text my mom that she may want to take an alternate route due to some stuff going on along the normal route

I still need to:
....list an item on FB Marketplace, since the eBay listing didn't work out
....print the stuff Mom is going to help me assemble
...decide if I'm for sure printing the one thing or not
...assemble all the things, which is the bulk of the last of school prep, more or less

...lunch: DH is cooking, we got a freezer meal 
...visit with mom/send her home "before traffic" 

...finish sewing the backing for my quilt
....dinner: Italian chicken w/pasta/spinach/something-or-other (go take out the chicken from the freezer to thaw)
...after dinner: sewing time, vegging out, video games, etc. 

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Made breakfast for dh when he got home from his morning meetings/work stuff

Cleaned the kitchen

Watered plants inside and outside - Something dined on my tomatoes again last night. Whatever it is, the Lemon Boys are its favorite.🙂

Last load of laundry is in the washer

Planted a tray of microgreens

Washed cat bowls & cleaned upstairs litterbox 

Scooped front yard

One of the horses got a new grain bucket, so I painted his name on it (helps me keep the buckets straight when I'm doing meds and supplements)

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logged fasting bloodsugars.  I also weighed myself and was pleasantly surprised to have dropped a couple of pounds.  Since my weight fluctuates a lot, I can't depend on it staying this low but here's hoping that it's the start of a trend downwards.

fed Neko and Juliet

premedicated myself

fed myself

medicated myself

medicated Juliet.  I almost had a disaster.  I actually absent-mindedly put her pill in my mouth!  But I didn't swallow and I fished it out immediately.  Called Poison Control.  They said that I'm fine.  (The drug insert said to call them immediately so I did.)

logged food, water, carbs

updated Sparkpeople sleep log

let Neko out. 

made bed

PT upper body exercises

showered and dressed

brushed teeth

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Mom came over, and we got all the things printed, put together, organized, etc. Whew! I did eliminate the one thing that is a bear to put together (I have since found a thing that covers the same topic, less cute, easier to prep, and opted for that this year instead), but still.....the timelines are together, all timeline figures printed & organized for each kid, the take-home sight word books printed and put together (and I remembered NOT to print it double sided, b/c it does.not.work. with this book), (well, it would, but I print it half size, so then it doesn't, which I realize saves me exactly the same amount of paper, but I like the small format better for it). 

So now my "school prep" just dropped dramatically for next week, so I'm ahead of the game. Doing a bit of work, and then naps, and then today I'll sew this afternoon. 

Also do need to fold clothes and wash a load of sheets. 


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So I am doing everything except what I need to be doing---planning my trip like reserving spots on tours, etc.

The cleaners are here but I do not see how in the world they thought by coming at 2:30, they thought they could be done with my entire house.  I had them start with master bedroom and bath but then thought I need to have them the rest of the three rooms in that hallway (my office, guest room and craft room) and go right to kitchen and great room area so that we actually can have dinner sometime.

In the meantime, I put my Columbia shirts in the laundry and will soon need to put in dryer.  

I also put the rest of the clothes in the craft room in the too small for me bags (which I will let my 2 dds go through- I also have three storage boxes too) or the one much smaller bag with extra winter clothes that will still fit me.

NOw for planning.


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