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Have you had your tub/shower surround refinished?

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Can you tell me all about it? Expensive? Worth it?

We’re trying to do as much DIY with as big a bang for our buck as possible in hopes of possibly listing our house before the market does much more crazy stuff (but probably won’t in time.) We had to adjust the budget for that when we found expensive structural stuff that we had fixed a few weeks back.  Our tubs are one of the things we’ve ignored because of that.

One is still a rose pink (matching sink and toilet were replaced years ago) and dusty blue (matching sink replaced; toilet has always been beige and will probably be switched to white.). For us, we just close shower curtains and don’t think about it. For buyers, maybe not so much?

There is a neighbor who does tub refinishing, rather than replacing, but I’m reluctant to get on yet another person’s contact list without having any sort of ballpark price range or hearing that other people found it worth it.


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I am getting one tub refinished next week. Just the tub. The tile surround is fine but the tub is 70s harvest gold. We are also getting the six foot double sink vanity top refinished at the same time. Same thing- 70s gold. Everything is solid and in good shape but we just arent up for a bathroom demo just for cosmetic reasons. 

Then, two weeks later we are getting our shower stall in the master completely refinished and the vanity top in there. This shower is stained small ceramic tiles that had been covered by a DIY apoxy kit that is now peeling off. It's very very bad.

Both these bathrooms were structurally fine and the floors, and walls, etc, are fine and we didn't want to demo and replace so we are trying the refinishing as a cheaper compromise and something that can be done without displacing us from our bathrooms for weeks. They absolutely would have to be done before we sold and while we don't have plans to move, with dh's job situation it could always be sprung on us. 

So, I can let you know in a few weeks how it went.

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Hmm, No recent experience. Sixteen years ago we got a pink tub professionally refinished white(spray enamel paint of some sort, I think). We used the tub lightly--a couple times a week for a kid bath, and showered in in probably 3x/week for 10 years (and then sold the house).

I only and always used the recommended product on it, which was something non-abrasive. It was a spray, not like softscrub or comet or anything like that. It did have one scratch/gouge about an inch long from when dropped a pair of scissors in the tub (I have no recollection why...), but it didn't peel or chip around that scratch/gouge.  We were told never to put a bath mat with suction cups in, so we didn't. 

It still looked very nice when we sold. IIRC we wanted to put new tile around the tub, rather than having an insert over the tub and surround, so I don't remember if I ever compared prices between the refinishing paint vs. fiberglass surrounding old tub option.  Cost??? I know it was WAY, WAY, WAY cheaper than having to break the tub to get it out and replace it.

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I know our DIY tub refinish didn't work at all. It peeled. I have no experience with professional refinishing though.

I don't know if your bathrooms are tile vs. surround, but I heard that the really old colored tiles (tend to be pinks, greens, blues) are desirable again. I can't remember the name for this style of bath to pull up articles about it. 


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Okay- had this done this week. The results are remarkable. I don’t know what it will look like long term but I am really happy with the results. We had a gold tub finished white, a shower that was originally green but had a DIY white apoxy that had been done over it and had peeled up, two vanity countertops, and the vanity cabinets refinished. They all look really good. (Well we are still waiting for the cabinet doors to be put back but I am already happy with it.) A whole renovation would have been better and more modern, etc. but for an interim fix I am thrilled. I’m going to try to attach photos but we’ll see what size they end up...







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