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I'm looking for a curriculum recommendation for a Creative Writing  course for my high schooler. We need something affordable. Bravewriter and the courses offered at TWTM Academy are a little more than we can afford right now. I'm looking for something that will earn her a full credit and, if it's a two year program, even better. I appreciate your help.

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You might look into spending the money on a creative writing tutor -- a student working on their Master's degree in the creative writing area that is of special interest to your high schooler.

You might also post a thread to see if there are a few other high schoolers on these boards who are also creative writers, and put together an online support group -- ala this past thread: "In search of teen writers for a teen creative writing critique/study group"

Some possible do-at-home programs:
- NaNoWriMon Young Writers website -- (gr. K-12); National Novel Writing Month's FREE: downloadable pdf student materials and teacher lessons, videos of encouragement
One Year Adventure Novel (Schwabauer) -- (gr. 9-12); one-year program; webinars; a free student writing support forum; optional coaching for a fee
A Guide to Writing Your Novel (Roddy) -- (gr. 9-12) -- from IEW; I believe How to Write a Story is the original edition of Roddy's program
The Plot Whisperer (Alderson) -- (gr. 9-12 & adult) -- and corresponding workbook
- Adventures in Fantasy (Gust) -- (gr. 6-9)
- Learn to Write the Novel Way (KONOS) -- (gr. 5-12)
- WTM: The Creative Writer (Fishman) -- (gr. 7-12); 4 levels; each level is 1-year program with 18 weeks = fiction writing + 18 weeks poetry writing -- if only interested in one type of creative writing, you could get all 4 books and use the 1/2 of each that is of interest, which would equal 2 years of creative writing

Possible online courses:
Future Learn: Start Writing Fiction -- (gr. 9-12 & adult) -- FREE 8 week online course 
BYU: WRIT045 - Creative Writing Online High School Course - 0.5 credit, 1 semester, $160

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Last I looked, Blue Tent's course still had space and it's incredible. But obviously if BW is too pricey, that's going to be too. I just think feedback is key for a creative writer.

I'd suggest using cheap/free resources like the Nanowrimo program or the Creative Writer or some of the other things Lori linked that aren't that much and pairing that with Outschool classes. Outschool is cheap and there are some creative writing teen workshop style classes where she could share her work. It's probably not going to be as high quality as some of these thorough classes, but it'll be something interactive, which I think is key for writers.

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My daughter has enjoyed The One Year Adventure Novel.  She's getting ready to start the follow-up course, Other Worlds.  Both are one year courses.  The lessons are on DVD or streaming with books that go with it, and there's an optional student forum that students can get writing advice, critiques, and regular live webinars.  Probably the highlight of my daughter's high school career.

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