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Transcript question for college application (Boyce College)


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Hello!  We homeschooled up until last year when all of my kids went to a private school. They are all back home again this year, and my oldest is a senior. 

College transcript info:

My senior is settled on Boyce College (we are a NAMB family and will get a big scholarship). I have tried emailing the college several times asking for specific admissions requirements for homeschoolers, and they have not given me anything. Does anyone have helpful info on this? Is this an unusual question? I have basic homeschool transcript info. I was just hoping to meet their specific requirements as my son would like to graduate early and begin working. I don't want to needlessly fill his time with electives.

Gap year:

My son hopes to spend a gap year with missionary friends of ours in Papua. This means we won't be applying to college this fall, which feels strange. He is still taking the SAT though. How do gap year students handle the SAT?  The school wants to receive scores directly from the test but we are not applying this year so I'm not sure how to handle that. 

Thank you!!


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The specific requirements should be the same for everyone. You can go ahead and have the SAT sent directly, even if the application hasn't been filed yet (I had my DD's test scores sent to a school I thought she might want to DE at when she was in middle school and taking it for talent search. She JUST officially applied for regular admission as a senior last week, and her test scores from 7th grade were still there!) 


For a gap year,you usually apply as a senior, get accepted, and then defer a year. A school with a large number of missionary kids is likely to be very used to that. 

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1 hour ago, dmmetler said:


For a gap year, you usually apply as a senior, get accepted, and then defer a year. 

This is what my son did. He applied as a senior and did his SAT, APs, and other standardized testing on the normal schedule for his grade. When he was accepted to his university, he applied for a gap year through them (as an accepted student) and was approved to start the following year.

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