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have you used the NY Times writing curriculum?

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I'm interested in hearing how it worked for you and how you used it.


I'm wondering if this would be a good fit for dd-almost-14. She loves writing and actually gets paid for writing articles for a website and writes and revises short stories that she sends out (via snail mail!) to relatives on a regular basis. I'm not sure whether to give her assignments that help her work on this area that she is strong in and loves, but that she is clearly learning about on her own, or whether to let her continue to grow in her own way. The one thing I'm sure of is that format writing would drive her nuts.

Thanks for the input, Emily

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Well I am now.I think it looks really good for my 9th grader. 

I think the question of how to nurture a natural writer is tricky. Personally, I might choose the units you think she needs work in and then the other ones just let her write and edit. I'm obviously no expert, my oldest is just starting high school, but I did major in Creative Writing. I think it is important to study the weak areas and also practice editing. 

Thank you for sharing, for us, this is just what we need!

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