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DS finally got to take his ACT

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After getting his Spring test dates cancelled, being violently ill for his June test date.. he finally got to sit for the July test.  We were concerned because he graduated in June and if he were going to have to retake it in September due to too low of a score then it could really put college plans off (which Covid has already messed with).  This is my dyslexic/ADHD kid, could barely read until he was 10, struggled for years after, still does.  We pulled him out of P.S. in 1st grade when the teacher suggested he needed to go to remedial classes because he couldn't pay attention, struggled with the simplest of directions. He's super smart but we call him "turtle" for a reason, slow to do everything.  He got a 26 composite.  I cried. His reading score was 27 y'all.  I am absolutely amazed.  It makes all the long hours of dragging him along the learning "road" and all the worry and fear that we were making a mistake HSing all the way through high school and that we'd failed him.  He's never taken a standardized test before, never really did tests at home either.  Lots of self led learning the last few years.  I'm just so happy and relieved I could cry.  

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