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fabric mask filter ? specific question


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The fabric face mask I have that fits the best has a single side entrance for the filter pocket. The intention is to put a carbon filter in the pocket, which was included in the purchase. They something look like this but these are not the brand or company: https://www.amazon.com/Activated-Breathing-Protective-Pollution-Activities/dp/B085L9HFV6.

First, I do not know if these filter types actually help with viruses like COVID?

I have material that filters well that I can cut it and use it in place of these filters. That is what I intended to do. 

But the pocket opening is so small that i cannot get the filter material in and placed well to cover all (or most) of the mask. I could cut smaller filters, similar to what is included, and place them. But I have concerns about that. 

Is filter material just over the part you breathe (a squarish thing in the middle nose/mouth area) good protection, or do I need it to cover the whole mask? I'm thinking i want tight fit to keep virus from coming in the sides..so if my mask doesn't have filter material along the sides it's not going to work well? Am I thinking incorrectly? 

I've just been using my masks that are easier to place filter material in, but they don't fit as well. 

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Afaik carbon not especially helpful for virus filtration.  And I think for protection from incoming the filter would be needed to be same area as Mask. For outgoing virus extra layering just over mouth and nose is probably helpful. 

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