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Recipes with lots of veggies?


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There's always quiche.

Buy a frozen pie shell (you're welcome), fill it loosely (and not heaped at all, about 1/2 inch below the top actually) with half inch cubes of cheese--I like half monterey jack and half sharp cheddar.  Then dump the cheese out back into a salad bowl.  

Saute a bunch of veggies whatever you have on hand, until they a cooked and kind of dried out.  You don't want them to make the crust soggy.  I like to use chopped yellow onions, sliced mushrooms, and chopped yellow bell peppers.  Haricots verts sliced quite thin to look like peas are good.  I hate peas but I hear that some people like them, LOL.  You want about half as much veggies by volume as cheese cubes.  Drain the veggies well, and then toss with the cheese cubes.  Dump back into the crust.

Break 3 eggs into the bottom of a bowl.  Add an equal volume of milk or cream.  Even low fat milk works as there is a lot of fat in the cheese.  Beat together until thoroughly mixed.  Pour into the quiche pan.  Bake at 375 until set in the middle.  I start watching it after about half an hour and it usually takes a big longer than that. 

BTW, you can fry up some bacon and chop it in little bits and add with the veggies.  Or put in little slices of chicken apple sausage that you have already cooked.  Also,  you can mix this all up and then refrigerate for a bit but do it in the separate pieces--keep the crust frozen, keep the solids in one container and the milk/egg in another until right before baking.


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5 hours ago, vonfirmath said:

My husband LOVES Brussels sprouts 🙂

I love them too, especially roasted. 

2 hours ago, J-rap said:

Oh, great idea!  I forgot about those.  In our part of the country, Imperfect Foods seems to be the similar company.

I couldn't think of the name I've heard people in other areas mention, but thought it started with an H or an I. 🙂 

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On 8/3/2020 at 5:08 PM, matrips said:

Perfect!  We just bought a bunch of yellow squash


On 8/3/2020 at 7:50 AM, PeterPan said:

Have you had yellow squash casserole? It may be a southern thing. Yellow squash is cheap and readily available at the stands. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/18045/yellow-squash-casserole/ I made this with whole wheat ritz to be a little more virtuous, haha. I don;t normally serve/use bread or crackers, so that was a splurge. But so good.

Made this tonight and it was a hit!  So good 🙂

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