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online math/computer science degree?

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Dd might want to switch from traditional university setting to online university.  I've found DeVry and SNHU.  Are there other universities that offer a decent online degree for math and/or computer science??

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Online Undergraduate Degrees from schools in the USA:

QUESTIONS: Do these Online programs require the students to
occasionally travel to the school  to take examinations or
for instruction or for labs? Do employers accept the Diploma when
someone applies for employment?

(If you consider this, I suggest only looking at the schools that have
many "Online" students. Hundreds or thousands of Online students)



I would suggest not considering proprietary schools like DeVry

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Indiana University's online graduate programs are good... I would think their undergraduate programs are equally well-done? I think most online-only programs are through their Indianapolis campus: https://www.iupui.edu/academics/online.html


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