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figuring out AP Chem for ds15 - Chemistry the Central Science

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DS15 was on track to take AP chem this coming year at school, and as he's not going to school, I'm working on his AP chem class at home.

I read about the Chang book and the syllabus / website on the Chemistry Central website (THANK YOU SO MUCH!), but I wondered whether anyone on the board had experience with the book Chemstry, the Central Science?

My husband has a graduate student who used that book as a tutor for years and recommended it very highly. Do you have any experience with it?

Thanks for your help.


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The Brown/LeMay text is a good AP Chem text. 🙂  I tend to prefer Chang but that's just personal preference, not because it's better.  The Zumdahl AP Chemistry textbook is also good:


If you do decide to go with Chang, make sure to get his AP textbook and not his gen chem book.  The AP text is this one:


There are a number of good AP Chem textbooks - Silberberg, Kotz/Treichel, Tro, etc.  Your choice of textbook is probably more dependent on your student's preferred learning style than anything else.  If you can, have your DS read a bit in each book to see which one he prefers. 🙂

Hope that helps!

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