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I'm selling lots of our outgrown curriculum. I have some Evan Moor History Pockets. They are reproducible workbooks and not designed to be used up. Is it legal to sell it or would that be a copyright violation?

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When I think about this one, I sort of go to the CD-copyright model to get the principles behind it.

If you buy a CD and listen to it, and get tired of it, you can sell it.  But you can't keep a recorded version for your own use.  

You got the use/enjoyment out of the CD, you didn't make a copy to keep--and it's out of the wrapper so it's not like it's an exact replica of a brand-new CD. 

Do you think that principle holds up in this case?

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18 hours ago, kiwik said:

My feeling is it would be.  I have EiW3 for instance that I can't sell or give away because the workbook is a download.

Yeah...if something is intended as a consumable, that's a different thing, I think.    Downloads...no.  

It can be pretty confusing.  I'm going to look into this--I have always found this stuff interesting.


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