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Jousting Armadillos in this situation?


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My daughter (12) just completed Teaching Textbooks 6 as well as Math Mammoth 6.  We've run both programs, alternating days, for several years now.  She does TT in entirety and we do MM topics two days a week mostly so she can prove on paper that she's understanding topics and work on rough spots as needed, though she's needed it very little this past year.

Next year she will continue on to Teaching Textbooks 7, then the year after that begin Mr. D Pre-Algebra (I do not teach Algebra, and have switched all my kids to an outside teacher at that time so far).  

My problem is that she is TERRIFIED of Algebra. She's never been math confident for a variety of reasons, and we've made a lot of progress the last few years, but even the word Algebra puts her in tears.  I'm wondering if Jousting Armadillos once or twice a week next year would be a better use of time than doubling up on Math Mammoth.  She's very much a writer, so I know that wont be a problem.  But will it be too hard for a child still doing grade 7 level math?  I want something reassuring and gentle.  

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Couple thoughts:

1. RE: scared of algebra: Maybe watch https://mathantics.com/lesson/what-is-algebra to show her what algebra really is

2. Maybe hands on equations-a hands on approach to learning the basics of algebra in a fun problem solving sort of way.

I've never used Jousting Armadillos, but have read through it a time or two considering it for my own. It does have a lot of reading and has the puzzle solving aspect of algebra, I think. So, maybe.

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