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When school things rely on Adobe Flash Player . . .

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what do you do?  Front load them for the fall?  Pray for some sort of creative programming solution so we can continue to use Flash Player after December? (or does one exist)?

I just realized that some self-check quizzes I was going to have my son take use Flash. 

Then there are the science simulations, the old Avancemos website, the PBS science stuff . . .   I just can't imagine all of this being unusable effective January 2021, but I have heard nothing about a potential workaround. 


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I think you either pray or sell your soul to Google/Apple/Microsoft.

Seeing how flat-footed the schools have been with their "hope for the best" plans on school for the fall, I assume their strategy is going to be to not realize this is an issue until November, then set up computers outdoors in a circle, play Enya and Nirvana, have teachers pound the keyboards while others join in a circle dance while blowing up nitrile gloves like balloons. 

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I did find this:


The last and best option you’ll probably find for accessing this stuff is Flashpoint (https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/downloads/), which is an ongoing project to archive and distribute the Web’s Flash content. Thousands of games and animations have now been cataloged and are available for you to download and play as you like, so chances are good that you won’t even need to go manually back up the game you were afraid would disappear. If something isn’t on their list of content, you can always contribute to the community and add it yourself.

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Posted (edited)
50 minutes ago, Lanny said:

The providers had more than three (3) years notice that this would be EOL ("End of Life") and that there is no "Plan B".  It is up to the providers to update their stuff. I searched and found this link to an Adobe page which might be worth reading:



Yep. Some of the sites that we are accessing probably will probably not be updated due to the cost.  =(

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13 hours ago, WendyAndMilo said:

Well, it’s not the bowers that are stopping support of flash, it’s adobe themselves.  It seems like, through various means, they have almost guaranteed that absolutely nothing with Flash will run after 2020 (including those archived games).  So yeah, I’d start looking at different options.

Flash is simply too dangerous. The technology used. My guess is that few of the Applications out there now with Adobe Flash will be     converted, because they are not supported now and/or are not producing enough revenue to make that investment in time for programming changes worthwhile.  Flash is a Security nightmare.

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