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New to WTM high school homeschool

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We are new to WTM.  My daughter is entering 11th grade and my son is entering 9th grade.  I am a bit lost as to where to begin with their class assignments.  Any input or advice would be wonderful!  Thanks to all :)


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Hi! Welcome! Do you mean WTM Academy or that you are using the WTM method to homeschool high school? That would change how we respond. 

One of our members put together a huge list of links to help you through the process. They are pinned at the top of the high school board. 






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Whether homeschooling or attending a brick & mortar school, high school students typically complete a minimum set of credits in certain subject areas to fulfill high school graduation requirements to earn their diploma, as well as to have the credits required by many colleges to be eligible for admission. *How* you accomplish these required credits can vary widely, depending on your educational goals for your students as depending on each student's specific interests/needs/goals.

A typical set of "college prep" credits looks like this:

4 credits = English (typically 1/2 Literature + 1/2 Writing, but there are options)
3-4 credits = Math (Alg. 1; Geometry; Alg. 2 + many colleges want a 4th math above Alg. 2)
3-4 credits = Science, with labs (most colleges are flexible; a few want Biology and Chemistry)
3-4 credits = Social Studies (many colleges want 1 credit = Amer. Hist.; some colleges want 1 credit = World Hist/Geog.; a few colleges want 0.5 credit each Econ + Gov't)
2-4 credits = Foreign Language, same language (Latin accepted by all colleges; ASL accepted by many colleges)
1 credit = Fine Arts (can be creation/performance of Art, Music, Theater, Filmmaking, Digital Arts, woodworking, jewelry-making, etc. -- or -- Appreciation/History of Film, Theater, Art, Music, etc.)
4-8+ credits = Electives (ex: Computer; Logic; Health; PE; Vocational-Tech courses; personal interest courses; add'l Fine Arts courses; "Academic Electives" (add'l credits beyond requirements in first 5 subjects above); etc.)
22-28+ credits = total (averages out to 5.5 to 7+ credits per year of high school; 1 credit = very roughly 45-60 min/day, 4-5 days/week, for 36 weeks)

So you would likely want to plan for the following subjects -- in small gray type is what is fairly often covered in 9th and 11th grades -- but there is WIDE diversity, and you are free to follow other paths that are equally valid and great for high school graduation/college admission. 😄

1 credit = English  (9th grade typically = Intro. to Literature & Composition; 11 grade typically = Amer. Lit. + writing assignments)
1 credit = Math  (9th grade typically = Alg. 1 or Geom.; 11th grade typically = Alg. 2 or Pre-Calculus)
1 credit = Science  (9th grade typically = Physical Science or Biology; 11th grade typically = Physics, or an Advanced Science)
1 credit = Social Studies (9th grade typically = World History or World Geography; 11 grade typically = American History)
1 credit = Foreign Language
1 credit = Fine Arts, and/or Elective

The WTM in the high school years has the goal of "Rhetoric", which is discussing / analyzing / writing about The Great Books (classic works of Literature + historical / primary source documents) that you read, in an historically chronological order (1 chronological "cycle" in 4 years, with 1 year each for: Ancients, Medievals, Early Modern, Modern).

Again, *how* you decide to accomplish this WTM goal of Reading great Literature and Historical works, and Discussing/Writing about these works, is up to you. Many families choose to outsource some subjects with online course providers who are offering Science, History, Writing, or Literature courses that fit with the WTM ideas or with the WTM chronological History and Literature cycle. Other families use curricula or programs (which would have both instruction and assignments in it) to accomplish these goals. Some families "Do-It-Yourself", and create assignments out of the reading list that they have drawn up themselves, based on the book of WTM.

Can you share a few more details about your plans for next year? That would make it easier for people to help you. A few starter questions:

- What are the post-high school goals for your students? (Esp. the 11th grader is getting closer to graduating, so a very limited window of time there.)
- What are the interests/needs/goals of each of your students?
- Are the students interested in doing a WTM type of education? (For example: WTM tends to require more reading, reading of harder materials, and more writing, plus a heavy focus on History -- is that going to fit with either/both of your students and their learning styles and/or their interests??)
- Is this your first year of homeschooling? (If so, it may be easier to transition by using pre-made materials to start with.)
- What subjects you are planning to cover with the 11th grader and 9th grader?
- Are you planning to outsources some courses? Or use a pre-made curriculum or program?
- Which subjects do you want input on? And what exactly are you looking for as far as input?

Welcome, again! And wishing you a joyful homeschooling journey with your 11th and 9th graders! Warmly, Lori D.

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