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My son took Spanish 1 as a Freshman & he will be a Junior now.  He must take Spanish 2 for college requirements.  Does it

look bad that he didn't take it his sophomore year? Does he need to retake Spanish 1 this year and do Spanish 2 next year? Thank you!

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I'd be more concerned that he'd retained the Spanish 1 content - language learning (the non-immersion variety,  anyway), like math, is cumulative.  The next level assumes you know what the previous level taught. He should make sure to do extra review on his own before class starts.

Whether or not he'd need/want to retake Spanish 1 would depend on whether he feels like that review has got it all back in his head, or if it seems like he's forgotten most of it. The answer is likely very different for different kids.

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It won't look bad, it can just be tough to resume after a break. Will he be self-studying or taking a class? When will he start the school year? 

 If he's taking a class, the teacher can probably help guide placement. 

You have a bit more wiggle room if you're self-studying, as far as how long to review and when to start Spanish 2. 

In both cases, he should plan on spending some extra time overall, because it would be really unusual if he didn't need extra review (a school year and two summers break versus the usual summer break is a big difference). 

If he isn't reviewing yet, he should start right away. 

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