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Look for recipes using flavored cream cheese

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We recently ate at Panera...had a free bagel pack coming. It came with *2* tubs of cream cheese. 8oz each I do believe. And, well, not too much of it was used. One doesn't like cream cheese, the other two littles didn't use much so that left my elder two, who just don't 'pile it on'. So, now I'm left with these flavored cream cheese spreads. Oh sure, I could get more bagels, but...

What ELSE could I do with them? We have a raspberry and a honey-walnut. Suggestions?

There HAS to be something scrumptious I'm overlooking. :D

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Ok, I must be sheltered...this is the 2nd rec I've received for the scrambled eggs thing. I have never heard of such a thing! I guess it ought not be so surprising, I mean, we *do* do shredded cheese in eggs from time to time.


I don't know about raspberry in there though LOL Or even the honey-walnut for that matter. But I'll ask the kids :p


Ooo yes...frosting! I've been wanting cupcakes anyway. Ooo make a raspberry cream cheese frosting for them. Niiiiice. But, then do I have to share with the kids?


I've never made crepes..that sounds very good too.

And yes, certainly for a fruit dip. That was my back up plan :)

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