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Many hard and unhappy things are happening right now, but you know what? I am still feeling really thankful tonight.

A few things I am thankful for:

1. My brilliant husband who makes us laugh all the time.

2. My sweet daughter who understands much more than I did at her age.

3. My gentle dog who cuddles with me when I nap.

4. My cheerful little canary who sings all day long. 

5. My parents who have steadfastly loved me and thought the best of me even when I didn't deserve it.

6. My washer and dryer.

7. Warm showers.

8. Jesus Christ, full of grace and mercy.

How about you?

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Thank you for this thread!

my family

my friends

my dog

the singing of wild birds 

appliances and vehicles that work well

enough food

A home, clothing, bed 

my garden (albeit over run by blackberries) 

good books


no current local weather or similar disasters (fire, flood, ice...) 







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My DH who can do anything and is just generally awesome.

My BFF who is far away but still keeping me sane.

My big girls.who have taken all of this in good humor and not given me any grief about keeping them home.

The baby girl because having an adorable toddler is a balm for the soul.

For our imperfect but loving church.

DH's job that more than provides for us and is no danger of ending.

Air conditioning!!!


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Jesus and His mercy

That my toddler now reliably sleeps through the night 🎉

DH has steady employment in an essential ag job

That the quarantine, while disrupting our plans and wreaking so much havoc, did have the unexpected consequence of having my oldest live here for an extra 5 months, and that was a true blessing and gift 

That I don't have to have anything to do with the public school mess waiting to happen other than pray for all involved 

That my SIL is going to start hs'ing, which I hope will build a bridge to bring us closer. We don't have a bad relationship at all, just not very close, and I hope to be able to talk with her about spiritual things at some point.

That we have a pool to keep cool at home this humid hot miserable summer


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My husband is a rock star who has not only been cooking, but repaired the oven this weekend. And his company has said he can expect to work from home for the rest of the year.

The weather has been crummy, but our house is sturdy.

The library system is no longer closed; it has curbside pick-up by appointment now. Books! Free! 🥰

Food got delivered to my door yesterday, and more is coming today.

My friend in Mississippi is looking forward to moving to a new home soon, something she has wanted for a long time.

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Jesus and an open church where we can celebrate Mass

My husband and children

My husband on has to go into work 2days/week, every other week and there is almost no one there - maybe 200 people in the size of a shopping mall.  No talk at all yet about sending more people back.

Homeschooling - so glad that we already do it and like a previous poster said I don’t have to be involved in the back to school drama

Air conditioning 

My dishwasher/washer/dryer

Electricity - our power went out a few weeks ago



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DH is still employed; job security has been/will be tenuous.

DH & I are rebuilding a relationship, since we've been around each other so much.

The kids were all going to PS in August, now they'll be home.  This is unexpected and disappointing, but it's something to be thankful for, too.

We've not been without food or water one time during a global pandemic.  I know this is not universal.

Human body immune systems.  amazing.

Good cops.

I'm so thankful we did family portraits a few times while the kids were little. 

For Jesus and the Bible.

I could go on forever (literally!).  Thanks, Mercy!

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