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Native German curriculum for elementary

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 Does anyone have a recommendation for a German language curriculum for elementary for a child who has native language proficiency?

 My son is 6 and he can speak and read fluently in German (Easy chapter books like magic school bus).  

I am looking for a complete language arts program.  Hoping I can muddle through teaching it myself. I speak some German, my husband is the native speaker though.  

Any pointers would be much appreciated!

 Take care,


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We use Pusteblume curriculum (which has LA and Science); they have workbooks and textbooks and I learned from them as a child in German school. You could skip the first grade LA content if your DS already reads fluently because it’s primarily learning to read. Depending on your level of German it might be easier or harder to teach, as all the instructions are in German. If you are looking for more grammar-directed exercises, the Rechtschreibung workbooks are great. 

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We use this series for first:


After that, we use these


I don't think you need native proficiency to teach it, but I'm not sure how well it would work for someone who didn't speak German relatively fluently. My German is a bit iffy -- I grew up there and spoke more German than English until age 12, but then left and didn't pick it up again I took a few classes in college. Then I dropped it again until I had kids and decided I wanted to teach them German. My German is such that I can converse relatively well at home and with native German speakers, though my German definitely does not come naturally /natively any more. I can listen to or read most anything I want to, and on a recent trip to Germany, we had no problems communicating with people. Even so, I found the first grade (reading) easy enough to teach, but am much more challenged to take my children through the older elem age levels. I actually revert to touching bases with a native German speaker I know who is willing to double check my son's compositions/writing when I'm not sure I will catch all his errors. 

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