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Freshman English workbook supplement

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I am looking for a workbook for a student I tutor who is entering Freshman Honors English.   I'm not worried about it being "Honors" but I want to work on reading comprehension - short, hard passages and then comprehension questions and/or short answers.

Anyone know of a workbook like this?

Thanks, Laura

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I don't know about workbooks, but you could look at these sites:

readworks.org  is general passages at a variety of grade levels with questions

newsela.com for current events

sciencenewsforstudents.org for science (look for the feature articles that have accompanying before, during, and after reading questions)

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Maybe something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Critical-Reader-Fourth-Complete-Reading/dp/173358952X/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=meltzer+act+reading+books&qid=1595838753&sr=8-5

Other than test prep books, I can’t think of a reading comprehension workbook written at the high school level. The Reading Detective series from the Critical Thinking Company would be my pick for middle school age/level, but even their B2 book would be below honors 9th grade level, I’m afraid.

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