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How to reduce file size of JPEG below 50 KB for WTM?

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I have a JPEG photo I would like to have with my posts, instead of the "L" logo that now appears. Reducing the file size of a photo is something I only do every few years. The original file size was 590 KB.  I tried several different things (online and locally on my Windows 10 laptop) and have reduced the file size to 57.3 KB.

Is there some free method to use to reduce that JPEG to below 50 KB so I can upload it successfully to my WTM profile?


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On 7/26/2020 at 8:42 AM, domestic_engineer said:

I used this website:  https://resizeimage.net

If I recall correctly, to get the small image size, I  (a) reduced image size and (b) optimized the image using both controls .... but I probably started with a file greater than 590 KB.


Thank you very much!   The ResizeImage.Net web site worked perfectly for me!  I reduced the file size to 44.4 KB   Have a nice day!

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