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Packers Game -- Spoiler Inside

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It was a hard game to watch. Dh is a Giants fan, so it's pleasant enough here right now, but I kept thinking of poor JudoMom, not to mention Miz Booshay.


Dh was appalled that I could let "imaginary" people dampen my joy for the Giants. ;)

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opps,This post made me look! I turned around and looked at the TV (dh and friend are watching the game) and said "Green bay is losing?" Well, stupid me, They are not watching it in real time! They are still watching the 4th quarter! They had paused it in OT and don't (didn't)know what was going on in real time.




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I went in and edited it--I had to do an advanced edit. But it did not change what was on the board. Does that mean the webmaster has to O.K. it?


If only I could go back and change that! I'm never one to be a part of the spoilers--it did not occur to me that others wouldn't know since we just don't watch much TV.




I hope the edit goes through quickly.



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I guess that is the benefit of not having your team still in the playoffs, eh? You can be happy no matter who wins. Although, I wasn't happy that the Patriots won.



I don't know if I'll watch the Super Bowl. I'm not sure if I can handle watching the Big Cheater win it all. Ugh.


I feel so bad for Miz Booshay and her guys.

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I'm stunned. :eek:


At least Favre will probably be back next season (I think he would've retired if he won the SB). Hopefully they can get his young guys back and win it all next year.


They outplayed us. Their defense was awesome. Plaxico was unstoppable. I hope they flatten the Patriots.

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