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Getting books published? Recommendations?

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Anyone who has wrote a book and want to offer to others....question please. 🙂 I was wondering if you know of the best way to have it published that would not be too costly for those interested in purchasing and for myself. I looked into Lulu but the cheapest is $30. It is a daily devotional/journal for kids ages 8 and up based on the church calendar for people not in a liturgical church. It is quite long over 300 pages since it is daily and therefore is a bit costly in printing. Any suggestions?

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Sell a pdf that people can print and put in a binder?  Check the cost at  print centers for printing and hole punching and include an average cost in the description.  "Print at home or at a print center.  (Average cost for printing and hole punching was $X, your local cost may vary)"

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