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So from CA (easy peasy to register as a private school), how much of a hassle is homeschooling in MA?

Specifically the Revere,MA school district. From what I read, it seems some school districts are more difficult that others?

I see I need notification to the school district & educational plan including a way to evaluate.

How picky are they? Anyone use statement of progress instead of testing? 

Any help appreciated!

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It's super easy to homeschool here! 

You do have to send in an education plan to the superintendent (although some towns choose someone else, that's the default) at the beginning of the year, and then supposed to send you an approval letter.  Some towns do this promptly, others seem to not get around to it, but if you send your letter certified return receipt, unless they send you a letter declining you, you're good.  Kind of 'no news is good news'.  If they decline you, they have to say what's lacking in your plan, and give you a chance to 'fix' it - but this is rare; pretty much the onus is them.  There are some towns that ask for things they aren't allowed to (in-person meetings, more than one form of evaluation), you can just decline, and quoting them the case law usually settles them down.

My ed plan for all three of my kids was pretty much a couple of pages.  I did use a progress report as my means of evaluation and sent it as one document, so it was usually 'this is what we did in this subject for this year (about a paragraph per subject), and then the ed plan part was mostly 'and we'll do more of the same next year' unless I was changing it up.  I'd list specific books and things mostly in retrospect, and always used "I plan to...", as you are absolutely allowed to change your plans up as the year goes on without worry.  

I never had any problems at all, and never had any contact with the school outside of my yearly letter, and the approval in return, which my town did send promptly.  Took me maybe half an hour a year to write that letter after making a boilerplate the first year.

Usually towns that are issues have new superintendents who are a bit overzealous and just need to be informed what the actual laws are (it's actually a couple of court rulings here that govern homeschooling, not laws per se).  They have bigger fish to fry, and especially now.

Massachusetts Home Learning Association (MHLA) and Advocates for Homeschooling in Mass (AHEM) are the two big secular homeschool organizations - their websites should have more info.  They used to have yahoo email groups, but I think that's moved elsewhere now.  My kids are now grown and in college...

The other two forms of evaluation  (besides progress report) are a standardized test or a portfolio - but you only have to submit ONE of those three, and the school should not be able to dictate which one, or ask for more than one.  No meetings with evaluators or any school officials is ever required.

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Thank you so much for the info! I will check out those 2 organizations. Still in the maybe mode, but if the offer comes I want to have my answers already!

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