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Anyone have this college text book: Rules For Writers 9th edition and willing to help me

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DD's summer college course registration got messed up due to Covid and she got into her class late. She originally ordered this book in a Kindle Version, which she prefers, and there are no page numbers. The prof only gives page numbers for the reading assignments. I reordered the book in paper form, but it was delivered to the wrong house. 😞   Now I need to reorder and it won't be there till Wed (which means she can't do home work till Thurs since she works Wed night).  She is already starting week 3 of the class and is getting behind in the reading. If you have this book can you  please give us the headings for these sections?  🙏🙏🙏 She can use the search feature on the Kindle version to figure out the pages, if she knows what sections they are until the new book arrives. 

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Page 1-12,  66 to 119, 395-415

Thank you in advance!!!!!!  

Rules For Writers 9th ed



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